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Shri Ram Kishan Yadavji ( Son of Late Shri Ratiram (Mukhiya ji)) has provided us his service with full commitment and sincerity in the field of education, himself being a teacher for last 30 years. He shared his ideas and insights from his vast pool of experience to form the trust and its colleges.

From Chairman Desk

The greatest passion for any real educational organization has always been to remain a beckon of hope and career growth for the aspiring students of the country.
Since its initiation, the one aspiration of our Shyama Shyam Teacher's Training College has been the same, to ever remain an institute of distinction in Teacher's Training education that incessantly responds to the changing realities and challenges both academic and social. And through the development and application of knowledge, and creation of a student-centered practical academia, we have protected and natured the career aspirations of the students.
We, the faculty ever remain humbled by our mandate to redefine and refine the process of education as well as to create a new generation of professionals, those who are capable, proficient and responsible. I can assure you that you are going to became a part of highly motivated institution engaged in Innovation, Continuous Learning and Adaption to both Global and Local challenges.

Shrinivas Yadav
M.D. / Chairman

  • Principal Message

    The proficiency of the faculty is a must for the progress of students. We have the team of well-qualified and complete academic faculty for the benefit of of the students. Discipline is the main pool center of the educational processes. It is a must for students as well as teachers. We are the producers of the future teachers so the devotion, sincerity and honesty with punctuality from teachers is the basic necessity for the upliftment of the institute through the common efforts of teachers and pupil-teachers.

    The formula for this is : Skill + Will = Kill

    To kill the social evils, an efficient and skilled teacher must take an initiative with emerging will power through proper education to modify the student's behaviour. We welcome all the students joining Shyama Shyam Teacher's Training College with unshaken commitment and assurance.

    Shri M.D. Sharma

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